About Us

Welcome to Vabiola

A brand born out of love and inspired by the remarkable mare that touched our hearts. Vabiola, the majestic mare, embodied strength, grace, and a boundless spirit. She was the source of our inspiration and the driving force behind our brand.

Our journey

Our journey began when we dreamt of having a foal just like Vabiola. After months of hopeful anticipation, our dreams were shattered by an unexpected tragedy. Vabiola, with her valiant fight, could not overcome a devastating injury. In just two heartbreaking days, she left us to mourn her loss, bringing an end to three years and twenty-four days filled with joy, love, and care.

Vabiola brand

It was during this time of grief that the idea of Vabiola brand took shape. We wanted to honor the legacy of our beloved mare and create something that would celebrate the spirit of horses and the joy they bring to our lives. Thus, Vabiola was reborn as a brand that captures the essence of bold elegance and the bond between riders and their horses.

They Love Us!!!

Our product line reflects the harmony and balance that we admire in horses. We combine vibrant colors with classic equestrian neutrals, creating a collection that exudes timeless beauty. Each item is carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality materials, ensuring that our customers experience the very best.

The name “Beirut” was originally intended for Vabiola’s foal, but it now holds a special place in our hearts as the city from which our brand was born. Like Beirut, our brand is a symbol of resilience and strength, rising above adversity and embracing the beauty of life.

At Vabiola, we invite you to embrace the elegance, joy, and passion that horses inspire. Our brand is a tribute to the remarkable creatures who have touched our lives, and we hope to share that same connection with you through our products. Welcome to Vabiola, where the spirit of the horse lives on.

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